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Related post: Date: Thu, 8 fuck children girl Dec 2005 10:18:35 -0500 From: nitemare overlord Subject: Pascal's PrincipleBefore we got started, I asked Archie one last time if he was sure small children porno that he wanted to go through with this, because if he wasn't prepared for what would take place, he wouldn't be able to enjoy it.His response told me all that I needed to know, "If you don't stop talking and start incest children porn tying me up, I'll walk out right now." The smile on his face gave him away. It was a nervous smile, but it got his point across. child erotica porno He had made his decision, and now his body was in my hands.I led him down to the basement where i had set up some items that would draw his attention. child sexi On a table in the middle of the room, I laid out child naturists pics a bull whip (a relic from a trip out to texas to see my uncle), a wooden board with drilled holes, some rubber tubing, a cat o' nine tails, and a singapore cane. These were just for show, to enhance the mood. I had no intention of using my physical strength to hurt Archie, but he didn't know that, and once child porno clips he saw these instruments his body nude child gallery visibly tensed.To start off the night's events, illlegal child porn I used a sexo childrens photos 24 inch wide spreader to keep his legs immobile and prevent him from running away. To nullify his hands, I duct taped them into a ball, wrapping each of children porno gallerys his fingers individually, then wrapping childfuck picture them girl child pic together, then curling them into a tight ball. I pulled his arms behind his back and tied a slipknot around each of his wrists running the length of rope connecting the two knots through a hook in the ceiling. I then pulled the knots tight so that his arms were brought high above his head and naked russian childs his upper body was forced parallel to the floor. With this done, I picked up childrens porn photos the duct tape again and began wrapping his arms together children pics free from his wrists to his upper arm, stopping when I reached just above his childporn photo elbows. He gave a nervous laugh, and I could tell that he was begining to have doubts about whether he wanted to continue or streaming child porn not, so I took this opportunity to pause my childsex picture work and play with his still unpackaged head.When I presented my cock for him, he turned his head away, which i took as a good fotoplenka child sign as it meant that he was still in a playful mood. I would have to end that. kinky child I grabbed his head and forced my cock into his mouth, but he was still in a playful mood, and he refused to use his tongue, so i did most of amateur child the work. His mouth had gotten me hard, but I pulled out before gay child gallery i reached the point of no return. I was far from done though. I replaced my cock with my swollen balls and told him to get them nice and wet. childsex pictures free Now Archie was starting to get into it. after lapping at my balls, getting nude child photos them nice and lathered up, he let them out of his mouth and asked for smal children fuck my cock. Who was I to deny such a request. so I replaced my well lathered balls child pics russian with my rock hard and let Archie go to child in panties work with his expert child twinks pics tongue. It wasn't long until I blew my load, and when I did, I made sure to pull out of forum sex child his mouth and leave a good amount of cum on his face. With child brazil nudes Archie's morale returned, I returned to my task of binding and torturing him.Now it was time for him to lose a few senses. I placed earplugs in each of his nude children foto ears and then added cotton pads over his eyes. I secured these in place children pussy pictures by wrapping child nude sample the top of his head in a few layers of pallet wrap. Before I nullified his voice hot childs xxx I raised child pron 15yo his head and covered his mouth with mine. When I finally pulled children naked fotos away, I started work on his child japanese porn mouth. preten child nu I decided to pack his mouth with a large, soft, wet sponge that would fill it completely because it chill porn sex seemed like xxx porn child it wouldn't cause him much discomfort while still preventing him from fuck sex children making a sound.With his mouth now bulging I wrapped around his head once again with pallet wrap, except this time I covered everything, leaving only children suck porno a slit under his nostrils for him to breathe through. I photo children nude covered the pallet wrap with layers of duct tape until his head was just a mass of silver. 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A tug on the chain connecting the two clamps also coaxed some movement out of him.Next, child pussy masturbate it was time to work on his balls. children porn galeri I rolled child porno tgp them around in my hand to let him know that my attention litle childe photo had shifted. I started child erotica thumbnail by tying rope around the base of his scrotom and wound around until I reached his testicles which were starting to turn to purple interracial child fuck and were pulled a significant ukraine children nude distance away from his body. I gave his balls a playful slap and watched as free childrens porno they bounced up and down. It had been about an hour since I porn childs began working on him, so I decided to stop here and let him adjust to the new sensations for a few minutes while making preperations for the second stage of his bondage adventure.I went to the bathroom upstairs and retrieved a hair dryer. fuking child sex I then made a stop in my bedroom and picked up some supplies that i would use later on. children sexy pic Before going back to the naked children boys basement, I made a stop at the freezer in the kitchen and filled a large bowl with icecubes. Walking back down the stairs leading to the basement, I smiled, remembering the chain of events that led us here.***Archimedes, Skirt child or Archie as he had been called by his parents and thai child pussy friends since the child lollita day he was born, was child nude fuck always willing to try something new. Whether it be playing paintball, eating oriental food, child porn mpg or childs defloration pics dying his medium length blonde hair jet black, he was up to it and when he and I went out on our first date, I realized that.Our date started clip child blowjob off innocent enough, as both of us had a feeling of uneasiness, but as the night wore on we became more comfortable with each other. panty child ass We went to see a movie that night, and by the end, we were openly groping each other, desperate to feel the other's warmth. childrens porn childsex galeries After the movie ended, it was only 9 o'clock, so we decided to go on a drive through black child porn the pinelands to get to know each other better. Because of earlier mistakes in my relationships, I had resolved to come out about my inner desires immediately, so that pics child i would petite child sex know if the relationship child xxx that I was getting nudes children pussy into would be built to last or if it would just be one date with no possibility of going any further. I free childs porno told him of my dominant tendencies, of my desire to encase him in whatever material was available, of porno children photo my russian angels child longing to feel him suffer under nonude child world my control. He went silent, so i continued telling him free childporn pics my interests hoping that he would latch onto something children porno pictures that interested him, and child for sex we could share something together.Archie's 18 year old body had been perfected on the trails of the New Jersey Pinelands, where he would run pics childsex 5-10 naturist galery child miles six days per week during cross country practice. Despite a diet 3,000 calories per day, his 5'5" body never rose above 110 sexpics with childs pounds due to his intense cross country work.When i had finished running down my laundry asian child naked list of interests, he asked me a simple question, "would you hurt childs cunt me?"I replied to naked child ass him truthfully, "I want you to be uncomfortable. I want you to squirm. I want you to feel helpless. illegal children photo I do not want to permanently hurt or injure you." And so, our relationship gained a new dimension, when we were alone, I was to be his top, his master, but when in the company of others, he was my equal.We decided to explore this newly found aspect of our relationship this weekend, when my parents would be attending the wedding of my cousin albert in california. I told Archie that I would take care of pictures child nude everything, that all he would need to do is yung child sex show up.***I stood gallerie nude childrens over his body for another half an hour, just enjoying children fuck free the view, watching him squirm, but now it was time to pick up where I left off. I ran my hand across his back to let him know that I was ready to resume his torture.
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